Versalios - Tipping System

Versalios is an online system that allows restaurant patrons to leave tips and rate waiters online.


About the client

The creators of Versalios are two friends - Edvinas and Paulius. The two have known each other for many years and are no stranger to the business world and sales in particular. Their latest project is a tipping solution. This project was already in motion when they contacted us through an acquaintance from the crypto project Mars4, at which we contributed.

So we contacted Edvinu and Paul and immediately knew we would complement each other - we already had a tip collection solution and they had about ten restaurants. We negotiated and agreed - we program this solution for free, we get a small share of the Versailles company and, more importantly, access to restaurant owners to talk to about our product


At the beginning of our cooperation, Edvinas and Paulius (hereinafter E and P) had built the tip collection system on WordPress. It was clear to everyone that WordPress would not last long, because already with ten restaurants there were a lot of problems. And a few more had to come right away. A new system was needed here and now!

Well, E and P confirmed our conclusion that contacting restaurant owners and offering them technological innovations is like offering insurance to an eighteen-year-old (kind of hard!). With this in mind, the system we have developed will require as little attention as possible from restaurant owners and waiters. The system will have to be as automated as possible!

The solution

We started working suddenly! We created an unpolished but well-functioning initial version (we call it MVP) that replaced the old system based on Wordoress. At the time, the old system was completely on its toes - sometimes it wouldn't accept a tip, sometimes it wouldn't tip at all.

After launching our system, some flaws appeared. We quickly needed to connect English language support, tipping staff, registration for new waiters and a number of other functionalities. Well, nothing, we made a list of priorities and took it and did it, so to speak.

After creating the missing functionalities, we polished the system for several months until we reached a stable and neat version. The restaurant managers were satisfied, Edvinas and Paulius were also satisfied. That made us happy too, of course!

Result and benefit

After polishing the project and a little earlier, the representatives of Versailles just started picking up new restaurants like… uhm like mushrooms after the rain, wow! Picked up a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes, because the guys came up with great pricing, solved the GPM tax problem. Or to put it another way, solved all the doubts that the owners had.

Currently, more than 30 restaurants in Lithuania use Versalios, and this list is growing every week. I don't want to say anything, but for an unfunded startup, such an achievement in half a year is huge!

And we are very happy to contribute to this project, because all projects related to bars and restaurants mean serving beer and snacks! Programmers love it so much!

The future

Versalios is well on its way to becoming a well-known tip collection solution in Lithuania and abroad! Edvinas and Paulius are actively looking for funding in order to make this system N times popular in the 2023 season. If you know someone who would like to contribute to this project, please contact us, we will be happy to introduce you!

And E and P and I have plans to launch another separate project - online menu display, originating from Wait for news!

Functions implemented in the project

  • Collecting tips using payment cards,
  • Collecting tips using Lithuanian banks (via NeoPay),
  • Automatic sending of SMS messages,
  • Sending GPM tax to VMI,
  • QR code scanning,
  • XML file generation for bulk payment,
  • Restaurant Information Management,
  • Monitoring of payment status in real time,
  • Feedback management,
  • Automatic registration and confirmation of employees,
  • and many more!
Tomas Bielevičius

Tomas Bielevičius

Tomas is the head of He has been working in the IT world since he was 14, when he created his first website.

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