Suddenly FLASH!💥💥



Thick smoke appears before your eyes and fills your field of vision quickly. 💨It lingers for several seconds before fading away only to show two figures in front of you. 👽


They appear to be talking to you. Is this real life?

ooOOoooOOO! We are your soon-to-be-maybe-if-you-do-this-correctly co-workers Tomas & Donny!

Ehhhh…. The fuck?

A great question indeed! We’re ghosts of Tomas & Donny talking with you because the real T & D are actually so effective they have a piece of a digital paper speaking to you instead of them. Neat huh?

I mean, cringe?

Yeah, but also unexpected, hehe! Anyways, let’s get down to business. You accepted a trial task hesitantly (or eagerly, we didn’t add logic here) and we are here to explain it to you.

Right. So... What do I need to do?

Since we’re all about not giving bullshit to anyone, we only require you to do a simple task in order to objectively judge your coding skill, speed and knowledge. Mostly we care about the SPEED.

You could say… we have a real… Need For Speed.

(well, maybe I'm overdoing this a little... 🤔🤔)

OMG, what is this 😱

Your task is to list your favorite movies. Easy right? Setup a project, create a login flow and a list. Anything else on how you make it is up to you. Want to add a filter? Do it. Want to add unicorns - go for it! We will evaluate the whole code base, creativity and the cool things you’ve made. 

Hol’ up Donny! Haven’t you forgotten to mention something about a tech stack?

Oh right! We love when the frontend is coded using REACT su TYPESCRIPT, styled using CSS MODULES and the state is managed using REDUX. On the other end, which is backend, you could say we like cats...😻😽

*Awkward silence* Cats...?

Have you seen cool cats in NestJS homepage? Check it here! Backend coded using NestJS and typescript just purrs with speed and coolness.

(一 。一”)

*ground is shaking* Oh no not again! 🤣

*angry Donny appears from the ceiling xd*

I will break your code. Piece by piece. You better protect it and add VALIDATIONS and GUARDS. Both in the back and front. Lists without pagination, ability to search by movie name and to sort columns I eat for breakfast.

What the fuck xd

Oh yeah, sometimes Donny forgets to drink his Red-Bull. You’ll get used to it eventually. Just don’t forget to include a README on how to run your project, and he will not appear again.


Create your favorite movie list and add authentification flow.

Optionally, if you're not too lazy, add validations, ability to search movies, sort them based on movie title and a readme.


Use the kind of UX/UI you'd be happy with.

Būtinai naudok React’ą, NestJS ir JS/TS. Visa kita (Redux, CSS modules) neprivaloma.



After you're done, send it to

Good luck kolega!