Tennis Valley - court reservation system


About the client

Tennis Valley is a cool and modern tennis and padel court built in 2022. They were built in Plunge by the family of our client Meda, who has her own family business. We got to know Meda through, when she was looking for programmers who could create a reservation system and an electronic store for these padels. Meda had a limited budget for this system, as Tennis Valley is a public institution, so the candidates for the development of this system had to think about how to fit into that budget.


Oh and this is what the "Valley" looks like:



Meda immediately told us - Tennis Valley will not have traditional cards after all - they will have to be automated. In other words, there will be practically no employees in Tennis Valley. Entry to the building, purchase and collection of goods and appointment booking will be contactless with employees. OK, I thought it would be interesting - we have a limited budget and need to create an automated system for booking, purchasing + picking up goods and entering the building.

The solution

Like all other projects, we started this one from the analysis stage. We drew the system logic, discussed it with Meda and created the system architecture. After it was approved, we got to work. We created a unique website design, prepared an administrative environment where it was possible to manage reservation times, products, their categories, orders, users, news and pitches. In short, everything you need for successful automatic padel management!

The most difficult part of the system was, of course, the management of reservations, because we had to solve a series of twisted cases. For example, what if a visitor books an appointment but doesn't pay for it? After a certain time, we have to restore the delayed times as free. Or another case - two athletes book the same time at the same time. We also needed to create a convenient administrative management that would allow quick changes to reservation times and prices.

Another interesting feature of this system was the presentation of the door code to the visitors. So that they can enter the building when they have time, we send them a unique door code.


Result and benefit

From the launch of the system until the end of 2022, about 160 athletes and about 500 goods and reservation orders were served. For newly built cards, I'd say a great start! Tennis Valley avoided hiring administrators to work in the building, so with this system they saved a good thousand euros a month. The system paid for itself in a few months


The future

Meda is so far completely satisfied with the created system and does not foresee expansion yet, although there are already ideas! One such idea is automated product pickup. We should provide the customer with an automatically generated door code that, when entered into the smart storage box, will open and allow them to pick up their purchases. This smart box would send the same code to this system. OK, maybe it sounds complicated, but to make it easier to understand, you can imagine the same principle as how post machines work. Sounds like an interesting challenge!

Until then, we wish Meda and her entire family the best of luck with their new tennis and racquetball courts!


Functions implemented in the project

  • Reservation time management module,
  • Simplified online store,
  • Payment integration using Paysera,
  • Order Tracking,
  • Automatic communication with customers about their reserved times and ordered goods,
  • Unique website design,
  • News Management Module,
  • User management,
  • Administration of product categories,
  • Padel management.
Tomas Bielevičius

Tomas Bielevičius

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